Praxis Dr. Matthias Rymann, Fachzahnarzt für Kieferorthopädie (CH), Mitglied SSO, Kriens/Luzern | Kieferorthopädie

The field of orthodontics serves to correct the misalignment of the jaw and teeth. Orthodontic treatments may be performed for functional and/or aesthetic reasons.

The objective of a dental correction may be evenly positioned, beautiful teeth. However, sometimes this is also medically necessary in order to prevent future damage caused by dental misalignments. This can include excessive and one-sided wear and strain on teeth, the divergence of teeth, the tipping of teeth into gaps after tooth loss, speech impairments and more. It is absolutely essential that the jaw and teeth are correctly aligned in order to be able to chew, swallow and talk properly.

To correct misalignments, fixed or removable dental braces can be used for adults and children, depending on the patient and chosen treatment method.

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