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Praxis für Kieferorthopädie Dr. Matthias Rymann, Fachzahnarzt für Kieferorthopädie, Mitglied SSO

Treatment Process

Initial Orthodontic Examination

The initial examination of new patients clarifies:

  • whether an orthodontic treatment is necessary or advisable
  • when the right time for treatment is (whether treatment should begin immediately or if it is better to wait)
  • which methods of treatment may be applied

During the initial examination, lasting approximately half an hour, the general advantages and disadvantages of various treatment options are discussed. However, a detailed planning consultation is only possible after the planning documents have been reviewed and analysed (such as x-ray images, photos, models etc.).

CHH MG 3392

Planning Documents

Detailed planning documents (x-ray images, photos of the teeth and face, models etc.) provide the foundation for professional case planning and treatment.

CHH MG 3431

Planning Consultation

During the planning consultation, you will be informed about the process. The pros and cons of various treatment methods will also be discussed and all questions will be clarified regarding the nature and length of treatment as well as the estimated costs. We may take up to an hour to conduct this important consultation.

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